Valentine's Day Planning

By Jennifer Coles    Date released:  22nd January 2014

Valentine’s Day can offer a fantastic boost to your business after the highs and lows of the festive season and January.

Many big national chains are already advertising their Valentine’s Day deals, so don’t let them get the advantage- start planning now!

Decide on your deals

Although Valentine’s Day is not a time to count the pennies (British men alone are predicted to spend around £630million on the night) it’s great to counteract the notion that Valentine’s Day means overpriced meals.

Some simple deals to offer include:

  • A Meal Deal with a free drink

  • A price per couple, excluding drinks

  • A free drink for the first X number of bookings.

  • A really simple idea is to offer a free glass of Prosecco to couples on arrival. Not only will this set you apart from the competition, it’ll also be welcomed by couples feeling tense on the night! A quality, great value option is our Prosecco Spumante at a great price of just £29.99 + VAT a case, £5 a bottle and 83p a glass.

    When it comes to the menu, make life easy and use our Valentine’s Day Menu Template, our Portion and Costings Guide and our ready made shopping list, which allows you to click straight through to and order all the catering supplies you need.


    Your advertising options for Valentine’s Day are similar to other events- think posters, leaflets, social media, local press and radio.

    Use our Valentine’s Day Menu Template to create a poster advertising your offers, and display this throughout your venue. You can also use our specially sized Facebook and Twitter banner, available on our Facebook page to advertise your event on social media.

    Set the Scene

    An influx of couples can be a challenge when you only have a limited number of ‘tables for two’. Think carefully about seating and layout, and hire smaller tables if necessary.

    Valentine’s Day decorations should be subtle. You could keep it pared down, with candles and flowers on the tables. Keep it modern by cutting the stems of the flowers right down, so they nestle in glass bowls or jars.

    Alternatively, you could go for a slightly more kitsch look, with delicate heart shaped bunting. Cheap shiny balloons and teddy bears are best avoided!

    Go Shopping

    To view all of our Valentine's special offers, running until 18th February, click here.

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