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By Jennifer Coles    Date released:  01st April 2014
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If your customers need a great value meal solution, fast, then make sure you stock up on our Happy Shopper Cooking Sauces.

These delicious sauces allow customers to quickly and easily make a range of sizzling meals. You only need to offer rice, spaghetti, minced beef, chicken breast, king prawns, onions and peppers, and your customers can create Chicken Tikka, Spaghetti Bolognese, Sweet and Sour Chicken, King Prawn Korma and a wonderfully filling Chilli Con Carne.

All the sauces are suitable for vegetarians, and they’re made from good quality ingredients such as tomato, pineapple, kidney beans and carrots, perfect for hungry families.

Launched in March, we've recently reduced the size of the jars very slightly- from 500g to 440g - and reduced the price mark from £1.35 to £1, or two for £1.75. This means your customers can buy two jars for the same price as one jar of a branded equivalent, offering great value, and perfect for anyone stocking up their store cupboard.

Make sure you push the '£1' message using high impact point of sale, and ensure you site the sauces alongside their branded equivalents.

You could even take a tip from one independent retailer, based in Scotland, and package up Butcher’s Market Chicken, Happy Shopper Sauce, Happy Shopper Long Grain Rice, an onion and a red pepper, and sell it as a £5 meal kit. Our Infiniti Brown Paper Bags are ideal for this.

Watch out for these new format jars in Booker branches now!

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