The Euro Shopper Range

Date released:  11th October 2013
Happy Shopper Choc
Every independent retailer knows that, these days, bargains are big business.

After the financial crisis hit in 2007, people across the UK made do with less cash, whether they were faced with wage freezes or redundancy. This, plus the emergence of bargain and price comparison websites such as and, created a whole legion of deal-loving customers.

However, all too often, retailers offering value products have to take a drop in margin. Just look at the Groupon phenomena; discounting your service on Groupon almost guarantees you lots of customers, but many businesses have then struggled to fulfil all their orders.

Happily, the Euro Shopper range solves both of these problems. It offers great quality products at amazingly low prices for the consumer, alongside a consistently high POR for the retailer. It’s sold so well over the past few years, we’ve added dozens of new lines.

There’s now a Euro Shopper essential for almost every meal occasion. Did you know you can now buy the following from the Euro Shopper range?

  • Bacon, eggs, ketchup and vegetable oil.
  • Cheese, ham and spread for sandwiches.
  • Baby wipes, toilet tissue, kitchen roll, toilet bleach and washing up liquid.
  • Tropical, Cranberry and Mango juice drinks and pure Orange Juice.
  • Tinned tuna, chopped tomatoes, baked beans and spaghetti.
  • Petfood and cat litter.
  • Teabags, coffee granules, digestive and rich tea biscuits.
  • A wide range of kids drinks, sports drinks and energy drinks.

  • Virtually every product in the range offers a POR of over 30%, whilst some products, such as Euro Shopper Still Spring Water and Euro Shopper Energy Drink, give retailers an even better return.

    So if you’re looking for ways to help your customers buy great quality product and stick to their budget, whilst boosting your bottom line, the Euro Shopper range is a real must see.

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