The Commonwealth Games

By Jane Day    Date released:  21st July 2014
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Glasgow is set to hold the 20th edition of the Commonwealth Games this month.

With 6,500 athletes from 71 countries competing in 17 different sports over 11 days it’s set to be a big event, running from 23rd July to 4th August.

There are 1.5 million tourists predicted to be visiting Scotland over the 11 days of the Games, so what can you be doing in your pub or restaurant to take advantage of the influx of tourists and Commonwealth fans?

Why not try offering simple, tasty and easy to prepare food and promote the idea of sitting down with friends and family and cheering on Team GB – perhaps your barman could also rustle up drinks or cocktails from each of the participating countries to get your customers in the spirit of the Games.

As always, advertise if you are televising any of the events, or running any special menus or themes in your premises, on blackboards outside and, of course, across social media – make sure you put photos of any food or drink specials you are running on your Facebook page. For all the catering supplies you need in your business, check out our latest food and drink promotions to help increase your profits and keep your costs low, and your profits up!


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