The Carlsberg Consumer Report

By Tom Allen    Date released:  14th November 2014
Earlier this week, Carlsberg released their UK Consumer Insights Report for 2014. The report, which looked into the consumer habits, trends, and behaviours of 1800 consumers, yielded some interesting results.

What makes a good Pub?

It doesn't matter what your customer types are, the basics are always the most important. However, newer ideas and habits are taking effect, with a 14% increase in consumers wanting free Wi-fi and an 83% drop in people wanting a good smoking area. Cleanliness and value for money came in as the second most important aspect to a good pub, with Quality of food regarded as the most important aspect. But to sell good quality food you need to have good quality ingredients. So check out all our promotions on Chef's Larder products, giving you great quality at great prices.

Birthday Bashes

Birthdays are the most common event consumers will celebrate with a visit to the pub. So why not offer a free pint or pitcher if people come for their birthday? Check out our latest on trade drinks offers.

Mother's Day is the busiest day of the year for food in the pub sector, with 64% of families celebrating it with a meal at the pub, but Christmas and New Year celebrations are really important too.

Popular Promotions

All day low prices is the number one promotion in the eyes of consumers, with 39% of pub goers more enticed by the option of choosing what they want, when they want, with great value for money.

Coming in second was the classic BOGOF deal, with food and drink menus coming in third. 53% of people wanted set menu's allowing them to keep a better track of what they are spending.

For more information check out the full report here - The Carlsberg Consumer Insight Report

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