Thanksgiving Treats

By Jennifer Coles    Date released:  21st November 2013

Thanksgiving isn't an official holiday in the UK, but that doesn't stop thousands of expatriates and tourists celebrating.

And even if you don't have many American customers, why not hold a thanksgiving themed night, featuring some delicious All American dishes?


Turkey forms the centrepiece of the thanksgiving table, so make sure it's included on your menu. You could try Nigella's brined Turkey recipe, which adds much needed moisture and spice.

You'll find all the catering supplies you need, including Fresh Grade A British Turkey and cranberry sauce, at your nearest Booker wholesale.

Sweet potato

In the UK, sweet potatoes are an optional extra when you're preparing a big roast, but in the states, they're an expected part of the Thanksgiving meal.

They're usually beaten with milk, sugar and butter, and served topped with chopped nuts and marshmallows. This sounds odd, but tastes great. However, if you're worried it might be a little bit much alongside the pumpkin pie, you could always plump for mashed potato instead. You could use Farm Fresh Sweet Potatoes or Desiree Potatoes.

Green bean casserole

For this classic dish, deep fry onions until crispy, then set aside. Sauté mushrooms, add stock, cream, and fresh green beans, and cook for a few minutes. Top with the crispy onions.

Pumpkin Pie

Pumpkin pie is the perfect marriage of a sweet-yet-healthy autumn vegetable, and a crisp, sweet pastry case. Serve with our new Chef's Larder Premium Luxury Madagascan Vanilla Dairy Ice Cream.

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