Student Saviours

Date released:  27th September 2013
Happy Shopper Cakes
More than 440,000 new students were accepted into universities across the country this year, and now that Fresher’s week is over, many will be looking for snacks to munch while they study, and good value ingredients to use in home cooked meals.

At Booker, we’ve got everything the independent retailer needs to make the most of the student market. Our Euro Shopper range includes bargains such as 180g of cheese for £1, tins of tuna for 75p and four toilet rolls for 79p. It’s all price marked to further increase the appeal.

For curries, we have Happy Shopper rice at just 69p for 500g, and spices such as cumin and chilli for just 75p a pack. Happy Shopper Penne Pasta (69p), Red Kidney Beans (50p) and Euro Shopper Chopped Tomatoes (40p) will also keep hunger at bay on a budget.

Encourage student customers to cook for themselves- it can work out at one twentieth of the cost of a takeaway. They should take a look at our Happy Shopper frozen minced beef, diced chicken and pork loin steaks. At £2 each, these are far cheaper than their fresh equivalents.

Finally, make sure you’ve got a great offering of convenient study snacks, such as the extensive range of Happy Shopper snacks, chocolate bars and cakes, and Euro Shopper Energy Drink, as well as the healthier options from the Farm Fresh fruit range. You’ll find all the wholesale supplies you need at your local Booker branch.

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