St Patricks Day

By Jennifer Coles    Date released:  28th February 2014
St Patrick's Day is on its way- but what does the proactive publican need to know? Here's some pointers to help you plan for this popular day !

1, St Paddy's Day is on a Monday this year, so unless you have a student based clientele, consider celebrating the "St Patrick's Day Weekend" instead. This also ties in nicely with the final games of the RBS Six Nations, so encourage your customers to stay on after the match for a St Patrick's Day party.

2, St Patrick's Day is an amazing opportunity to sell Guinness! The company say that 36% of publicans see an increase in non-regular customers on St Patrick's Day, and on average, they sell an extra 98 pints of beer. To support you, we've knocked over 11% off the price of Guinness kegs until 18th March.

3, The Irish are famous for their warm hospitality and great 'craic' so make sure you put on a good party. Arrange music and entertainment and ensure everyone feels welcome, whether they're Irish or honorary Irish. A live band is great, but pub quizzes, karaoke, open mike nights, stand up comedy and even charity speed dating all work well!

4, Go green! Make a statement by decorating your pub with shamrock, cute leprechauns and bright green streamers. Offer shots of Apple Sambuca, Apple Sourz and bottles of Magners Pear- you'll find all these on offer at Booker.

5, If the weather is as bad as it is today, why not warm everyone up with a wholesome Irish Stew? There's a great recipe here and we've grouped together all the catering supplies you'll need - registered customers can login and view them here

Spread the word using posters, leaflets and social media, and prepare for a hectic yet fulfilling weekend!

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