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Date released:  1st October 2013
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Whether youíre a fan of the subtle Dopiaza or the fiery Vindaloo, thereís nothing like an authentic curry.

In the UK, we have some of the best curries outside Asia, with skilfully prepared dishes on offer from Glasgow to London.

If you run an Indian restaurant or even sell curry at your pub, why not get involved in National Curry Week, which starts on 7th October?

Not only is National Curry Week an opportunity to promote your dishes, itís also in aid of a brilliant cause: ending world hunger.

For the past 13 years, restaurants across the UK have donated a portion of the profits during National Curry Week to charities such as Action against Hunger and Oxfam. If you want to join in, thereís lots of information on the website

A good curry is made from scratch, with a blend of spices, delicate herbs and a base of lentils, nuts, yogurt, tomatoes or onions. Wonderfully aromatic and mouth-wateringly tasty, even those who donít like spicy food can usually find a curry to suit their taste buds.

Every curry should come with a side of Poppadoms and sauces, and weíre offering an incredible price on a 5kg jar of KIZ Sweet Mango Chutney.

Weíre also offering special prices on catering supplies such as Farm Fresh Cooking Onions, Henna Yogurt, Dairy Single Cream, Booker Basics Chicken Fillets and KTC Ghee. Rice is a basic essential, so our fantastic price on Tohfa Basmati will save a fortune over the months.
If you need to stock up on spices, donít miss our Chefís Larder range, which includes sweet aromatic cinnamon, zingy ginger and rich cumin at great low prices.

Even if you donít sell curries, National Curry Week is a good chance to try adding spices to a wide range of European dishes, from gammon to cheese toasties, as the BBCís Incredible Spice Men have demonstrated.

Just get creative, try adding spices to everyday foods, and see what happens!

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