Six Nations Rugby: An Opportunity

By Jennifer Coles    Date released:  24th January 2014

There's just over a week to go until the first match of the RBS 6 Nations Championship, when Wales will play Italy in the Millennium Stadium.

The championship is a great opportunity for fans to escape the pressures of everyday life and lose themselves in incredible sporting action.

Everyone knows, the best place to truly immerse yourself in a match is at the local pub.

With the Wales v. Italy match starting at 2.30pm on Saturday February 1st, there are lots of ways to encourage a roaring trade.

Don't leave me this way!

Some of our customers have come up with some great ways encourage customers to stay on after each match, and we wanted to share them with you.

- Offer a free burger AFTER the game. Managed correctly the cost of this can easily be absorbed by the extra drinks sales.
- Hand round raffle tickets after the game, with winners to be announced later in the evening.
- Throw a themed Italian or Welsh evening (depending on local loyalties!) or hire a local band.

Find your USP

- Throughout the Championship, run offers on Guinness when the Irish play, Tennents for the Scottish, Brains SA for the Welsh, Green King IPA for the English, Peroni for the Italians, and Kronenbourg for the French .you'll find lots of wholesale deals on drinks at Booker.
- Your more tech-savvy customers might want to Tweet their reactions to the match, so if you have free wi-fi, tell everyone, and make sure it's easy to access.
- Engage with Rugby teams within your local community. Invite local teams to your pub and offer them a group discount. Or hold a competition to raise money for Rugby kit for local children.
- If your TV has special features such as HD, or if it's really big so everyone is guaranteed a good view, let everyone know.

Keep your eyes peeled for deals

When your pub is crammed full you want to make the most of it, and with Booker's great low prices, you can. Have you seen our 'First Choice for Pubs & On-Trade' leaflet? It's filled with discounts on Budweiser, Corona, The Famous Grouse, Chekov, Baileys, Sambuca, trendy Rekorderlig and Stella Artois.

We've also discounted Nobby's Nuts, Smiths Fries and Walkers crisps. You can find all these offers on our website.

We hope you enjoy the match!

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