Retail Tips for Halloween

Date released:  18th October 2013
Happy Shopper Choc
With just 16 days left until Halloween, every retailer across the country will be stocking their shelves with trick or treat goodies!

They’re right to be proactive. Did you know that when it comes to ‘snacking occasions’ Halloween is now said to be second only to Christmas?

Halloween trade has grown 25 fold over the past decade, and is now a £40 million market for independent retailers.

To make the most of this great business opportunity, make sure you cater for three main occasions:

Adults stocking up for ‘Trick or Treating’ children

This year, Halloween falls on a Thursday that is during the school Half Term for many youngsters, so some parents are more likely to allow trick or treating!

It’s a good idea to stock ‘fun size’ packets of sweets and crisps. Trick or Treat Hula Hoops, which come in a packet of 20 small 10g bags, are ideal. We’d also recommend Haribo Super Mix mini bags, with an RRP of 10p each, Haribo Spooky Ghosts or Horror Mix, as well as funsize and treatsize chocolate bars from Cadburys and Mars.

Don’t forget that although the biggest Halloween spend is on confectionery, pumpkins and costumes are key growth drivers. But when it comes to fake blood and fangs, value for money is crucial - people don’t want to spend over the odds on throwaway items.

Family parties

Provide a complete Halloween solution for party shoppers, with products available across all categories.

Stock sharing bags of crisps and chips, alongside dips such as guacamole and salsa. We’re currently offering a saving on Phileas Fogg Cheese and New York Deli Relish Flavour Bubble Chips and we’ve got Walker’s Sensations, Kettle Chips and Pringles in reassuring price-marked packs.

Cakes are always popular at parties, so take a look at our Happy Shopper Iced Cupcakes and Happy Shopper Fairy Cake Mix. Take advantage of the booming home baking market by selling edible decorations and icing to inspire kitchen creativity.

Finally, provide packs of sweets that can be decanted into bowls.

Grown up parties

Stock all of the above, plus sharing packs of beers and other alcoholic drinks.

We’re currently offering a great deal on four packs of Magners Apple and Magners Pear, price marked £4.79 and giving a POR of 37.4%. Our sharing packs of Cobra, Carlsberg, San Miguel, Coors Light and Budweiser offer brilliant margins.

We’ve also got some really solid deals on Echo falls and Barefoot wine, Jacob’s Creek bubbly, Absolut vodka, Jameson whisky and Malibu rum.

Halloween is a perfect opportunity for in store theatre, whether you create a dramatic window display, a small but perfectly formed counter top display, or decide to use dual siting to highlight a particular product.

So don’t hold back - make your store stand out and maximise footfall at Halloween.

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