Profitable Pancakes

By Jennifer Coles    Date released:  25th February 2014

Pancake Day, which falls on 4th March this year, is definitely an event that tends to be celebrated at home.

Half the fun is working on your pouring and flipping technique, moving from your first attempt- a stodgy lump of dough, to a thin, golden brown pancake with crispy, bubbly edges.

Pancake Day is a prime opportunity for the independent retailer. Itís easy for customers to forget about it when theyíre doing their weekly supermarket shop, necessitating a dash to the corner shop, so make sure you have everything your customers could possibly need.

Easy Option

Betty Crockerís Traditional Pancake Mix is super easy to use - just fill the bottle with water and shake until the mixture is smooth. Pour into a hot, greased frying pan and cook until the mixture is golden brown and crispy around the edge, before tossing.

Jif Lemon is another great product for those too busy to squeeze from fresh, and the great news is that both there are deals running on both of these products, giving you a strong POR.

Make your Own

To cater for customers who want to make their own pancake batter, you will need to stock the following products:

  • Eggs (Try Happy Shopper 6 Medium Free Range Eggs)
  • Oil (Euro Shopper 1 litre Vegetable Oil is price marked at only £1.49)
  • Plain flour (Our registered customers can save 17% on this key product)
  • Milk (Try our new Euro Shopper Milk)

  • Get Creative

    Lemon and sugar is a classic pancake filling, but itís great to experiment! Your customers could try:

  • Nutella and banana (Nutella is currently on offer at Booker)
  • Bacon and maple syrup
  • Honey and apple
  • Ham and cheese
  • Spinach, crispy pancetta and cream cheese

  • Advertise

    Make sure you put up posters advertising your Pancake Day offers, so customers know where to head to make that last minute purchases. In store, create a bay of pancake ingredients and use shelf talkers to draw the eye, and why not print out recipe cards showing how to make a basic pancake, and listing suggested fillings?

    These steps should make Pancake Day hassle free for your customers, and result in higher profits for you.

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