Price Marked Mars Chocolate!

By Jennifer Coles    Date released:  19th May 2014
Chocolate Bars Scattered on a Yellow Background |
Shoppers have always been budget conscious, and this caution has become even more pronounced over recent years.

Whether it's due to price comparison websites, supermarket multi-buys, or the impact of the credit crunch, no consumer wants to pay over the odds in 2014.

This is probably why price marked packs are performing so well in the convenience sector. At Booker, sales of price-marked packs are growing at an amazing rate, as demonstrated by the hugely successful launch of price marked treat bags and Galaxy £1 Blocks.

To make the most of this trend, we're now trialling 50p/55p price marks on four of our top single bar lines: Mars, Snickers, Galaxy and Twix.

Weve got an exclusive deal with Mars to stock these lines one week earlier than anyone else - so make sure you stay ahead and pop to Booker from Thursday May 22nd. Its a great opportunity for any independent retailer looking to make the most of a growing trend!

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