Plan Ahead For Ice Cream Sales

By Jennifer Coles    Date released:  29th April 2014
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It may be a bit gloomy outside right now, but it wonít be long before the sun is beating down and everyone is craving a delicious ice cream !

New Treats

Weíve just brought in some fantastic new ice creams to compliment our existing range, which offer your customers great value, and provide you with a strong POR.

Our great new Whirlz are price marked 60p with a POR of 35.2%. This is 30p less, and with a higher POR, than the branded equivalent.

For anyone craving berries on a budget, our new Blackcurrant and Apple Pop Ups are price marked at 50p and give you a great POR of 37.5%.

Great value

Our own label range offers some excellent options for the independent retailer. Donít miss our popular Choc Vanilla, Strawberry and Mint Choc Chip Cones, and our luscious Classic and Classic Mini ices, with dairy ice cream enrobed in Belgian chocolate. Both are price marked 60p.


There are times when only the best will do, so ensure you stock Magnum and Solero products. The Magnum Infinity Chocolate and Caramel is pretty amazing, and donít miss the limited edition Magnum with Marc de Champagne, which celebrates the brandís 25th anniversary.

Old Favourites

An ice cream is often a treat for children, and a nostalgia trip for adults. Make sure you stock all the good old classics, such as Francoís Strawberry Split, Cadbury Flake 99, Orange Calippo, Cornetto, Feast, Mini Milk and Rocket Lolly.


Make the most of summer ice cream sales by following a few golden rules. Make sure you use posters and A-boards outside your store to tell people you sell ice cream.

Make it really easy to find your freezer- move it to the front of the store if you can. Next, use freezer stickers and wobblers to catch the eye. Ensure your freezer is clean, tidy and defrosted, and that your pricing is clear. If you need any further advice, chat to your local branch, or post a question on our Facebook page.

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