New Coca Cola Life

By Jane Day    Date released:  22nd August 2014
Coca Cola have released the latest product in their range - Coca Cola Life.

This new addition - which is the first new Coca Cola variant to be added to the range for 8 years - is the manufacturer's first lower-calorie cola: sweetened from natural sources, it's made with a blend of sugar and Stevia leaf extract, a plant native to Paraguay. The sweeteners extracted from this plant are calorie free and 200 times sweeter than table sugar!

Coca Cola Life has just a third less calories than Red Coke, and is part of their anti-obesity project, whilst supporting their commitment to offer customers a great tasting option to suit every lifestyle and occasion.

The new Coca Cola Life is now available in Booker Wholesale branches and, with a case of 24x330ml PM 65p cans for just £7.79, which offers a POR of 40%, independent retailers should be sure to stock up now!

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