New Price marked Chocolate Bars to the Range!

By Jane Day    Date released:  12th June 2014
Chocolate |
Value is high on the agenda for the end consumer, but everyone still deserves a sweet treat now and again.

This means that price marked chocolate bars are bound to be a winner for the independent retailer, and should make up a part of the range on offer in every corner shop.

The great news is that Nestle are launching a number of new price mark chocolate bars in Booker branches. These 6 lines will have a permanent 2-for-1 price printed on each bar, whilst offering a minimum of 25% POR

The new range includes Kit Kat 4-Finger, Kit Kat Chunky Milk, Aero Peppermint Bubbly Bar, Yorkie Milk, Toffee Crips and Rolo.

So, make sure you stock up on these lines first, which are in most Booker branches now !

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