New Haribo Minions

By Jane Day    Date released:  20th June 2014
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Changes: Blurred the background around the Minion.
Who wouldn't love small, yellow, cylindrical creatures, that are impulsive and often have little self-control, with either one or two eyes ?

A new licensed product from Haribo, Minions are part of a hugely popular movie franchise, with 2 new films planned for release over the next 24 months.

With a £1 price mark, Haribo Minions are destined to be a top seller for independent retailers, with 3 different designs each featuring a different lead character from the Minions family for children and adults alike to choose from. Each bag contains a mix of five Minion shaped jelly and foam fruit flavoured pieces, which are sure to be a favourite with everyone that tries them.

Available in Booker branches from 20th June, Haribo Minions offer a 27.1% POR for retailers, who can find the product on code M177889.

So, make sure you are ahead of the game, and stock up now !

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