New Chef's Essentials

By Jennifer Coles    Date released:  7th February 2014

Have you seen the new 'Chef's Essentials' products on our shelves?

Chef's Essentials is the new name for Booker Basics, and over the next few months, which have started to comer into branches in the place of their Booker Basics counterparts.

Re-branded Range

We decided to re-brand the range after talking to our customers, who felt that the use of the word 'Chef' allowed the range to fit more logically within the Own Label family, which includes Chef's Larder and Chef's Larder Premium. It also helps to establish the 'good, better, best' tiering, with Chef's Essentials forming the 'good' tier.

The products and ingredients have remained the same, along with the distinctive 'black and white chequerboard' packaging. The only change you will notice is the name and the logo. Entry Level Essentials

For the uninitiated, Chef's Essentials is a range of core catering supplies, key ingredients and disposables.everything from chicken and bacon to napkins and plastic cutlery. There are 65 products in the range, 42 of which are now re-packaged as 'Chef's Essentials'.

It's our 'entry level' range, offering reliable, fit-for-purpose products at every day low prices. We regularly benchmark each product, ensuring it matches or exceeds the quality of the 'entry level' products at competing wholesalers.

Chef's Essentials products are all competitively priced to offer our customers outstanding value for money on their everyday catering essentials. With great low prices like these, you'll save time, as you won't need to shop around.

Value for Spring

These great value products allow you to make a healthy margin, while offering your customers eye-catching deals.

For example, why not wake up your margins by using Chef's Essentials lines for breakfast? At 7p for a sausage, 18p for a rasher of bacon, and 7p for a 100g portion of baked beans, you can pull together a delicious meal for less.

Top lines include our 5kg packs of Chicken Breast Fillets, ideal for a busy catering kitchen, our 2kg packs of Unsmoked Bacon, and our Chef's Essentials Cheese, available in both white and coloured, blocks or grated.

More than 40 Chef's Essentials and Booker Basics lines feature in our current 'Catering Best Sellers' leaflet, meaning you can plan your menu with confidence.

Watch our for Chef's Essentials products today!

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