New Brazilian Flavours

By Jennifer Coles    Date released:  17th January 2014

If the 2012 Olympics motivated us all to take up new sports, then this summer is going to inspire a new generation of Cristiano Ronaldos.

Held in stadiums in 12 different cities across Brazil, from the famous coastline of Rio de Janeiro to the wetlands of Cuiaba, the 2014 FIFA World Cup is set to be a sporting and cultural spectacle.

It doesn't start until June, but football fans across the UK are already getting excited about the incredible action that's set to unfold.

Lucozade are geared up to make the most of the excitement, with an extensive marketing campaign including TV, sponsorship, digital and in-store support already underway.

According to GSK's research, 63% of Britons plan to increase their leisure spending as a consequence of the 2014 FIFA World Cup, so it's a great opportunity for independent retailers to maximise spring profits.

On the shelves at Booker Wholesale, you'll find new Lucozade Sport Brazilian Guava, in bright green and blue packaging to reflect the Brazilian flag.

Hot on its heels is Lucozade Energy 'The Brazilian' Mango & Mandarin, which will appear in branches over the coming week. With a POR of 28%, it's a great way to grow your soft drink profits, so give it a try today!

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