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By Jennifer Coles    Date released:  17th April 2014

When you run a catering business there are a few essentials you just can’t live without!

Products like fresh eggs, milk, coffee and bread are on pretty much everyone’s shopping list, and if you can save money on these, it can really help to boost profits.

In our new Best Sellers leaflet, we’ve frozen the price of 50 best selling catering lines. These prices are held until 9th September, so you can plan your summer season with confidence.

Big Breakfast

When it comes to breakfast, we’ve reduced the price of our Caterpack eggs to an incredible £6.49 for 60 eggs: just 10.8p per egg. And our 2kg packs of Unsmoked Rindless Back Bacon are just £5.99 each, when you buy five.

If you’d like some help with portioning and costing, our Best Sellers leaflet shows you how to put together an All Day Breakfast for £1.10 a portion, using good quality catering supplies.

Clean Sweep

They might not be the most exciting item on your shopping list, but toilet rolls and bin bags are essential. Why not save money on these, so you can spend it elsewhere? Our new, improved Blossom Soft 24 Toilet Rolls are ‘Buy One, Get One Free’, and you can buy 180 bin bags for £18!

Good Spirits

In the spring and summer, a spirit and mixer is top of the list for most pub goers. With our Best Sellers promotion, if you buy three 1.5 litre spirits, you’ll receive a case of mixers free! The spirits you can choose from include Smirnoff, Gordon’s Gin, The Famous Grouse, Captain Morgan, Jameson, Malibu and many more.

Our discounts on Hidden Road, Budweiser, Beck’s and Red Bull are not to be missed. Finally, disposable tumblers are 41% cheaper by the case- a welcome saving for anyone catering festivals and outdoor events.

All that’s left is to cross our fingers for some sunshine!

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