National Vegetarian Week

By Jennifer Coles    Date released:  13th May 2014
Whether for health or environmental reasons, or because of personal ethics, a lot more people are choosing to 'go veggie' these days.

It's hard to estimate just how many of us are vegetarian. A 2009 report by the Food Standards Agency suggested that 3% of the UK population are fully vegetarian, and a further 5% partly vegetarian. Other studies suggest up to 23% of the UK population are reducing their intake of meat.

Either way, that's a big market, so it's definitely worth making sure vegetarians are well looked after within your business. National Vegetarian Week (19-25 May) is the perfect opportunity to both promote the Veggie food you sell, and consider trying something new!

Find what you need It's really easy to view vegetarian products on Just click on the 'products' tab on the home page, then 'Own Label & Diet', then 'Dietary Info', then 'Suitable for Vegetarians'.

You'll then be able to see all the products we sell that's suitable for veggies, including some really helpful products such as vegetarian cheese and Quorn sausages, and all at great wholesale prices.

Restaurants- Get inspired! We've got some failsafe vegetarian recipes in our current All About Food brochure, including Chilli non Carne (made with Quorn mince), Vegetable Tagine on a bed of Cous Cous, and Vegetable and Paneer Balti.

The great thing about these recipes is that each comes with a shopping list, portions and costings. Just ask your Catering Development Manager for a copy.

If you're looking for something really different, take a look at the National Vegetarian Society website or BBC Food.

Retailers- Get Creative! Did you know that according to a survey by him!, 37% of shoppers said they would visit their local convenience store more if they got behind a big event?

During National Vegetarian Week, why not put together a basket of Vegetarian friendly goodies, and put up a poster to say that the person to suggest the best Vegetarian recipe wins it? The recipes could then be posted on your noticeboard, encouraging customers to have a read, and possibly buy something extra!

Alternatively, you could run a raffle, or simply use the week to highlight the fruit and vegetables in your chilled aisle.

Great resources Did you know that the Vegetarian Society provide free posters and leaflets to help you promote National Vegetarian Week?

Whether you are a restaurant creating special menus, or running an event in a school or shop, you can order resources by visiting

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