Mother's Day Meals and Gifts

By Jennifer Coles    Date released:  18th March 2014
Mother's Day Gifts and Meals |
Itís hard work being a mum ..Ö picking up socks, putting plasters on grazed knees, and juggling a huge range of commitments. Most wouldnít change it for the world, but a heartfelt Ďthank you, mumí never goes amiss.

Tasty Pub Food

This Motherís Day, make your pub or restaurant the place to be. A good, wholesome roast with a glass of fizz is a great place to start.

Weíve put together costings and a shopping list for two especially delicious meals - Roast beef with roast potatoes, Yorkshire puddings, chanteray carrots, fine green beans and broccoli, or Roast lamb, Yorkshire puddings, chanteray carrots, cauliflower cheese and honey roast parsnips.

Weíve also created a beautiful Motherís Day menu which you can edit and print yourself. These resources are available here.

Make sure your menu contains lighter options, such as fish, chicken or hearty salads.

Parent Pampering

The key to making the most of Motherís Day is creating a great atmosphere and making your customers feel pampered. To get the edge over your rivals, greet your customers with a smile, play some up-beat but unobtrusive music, and put a simple flower in a vase on the table. Ensure service is attentive, yet discreet.

Stock up on luxurious catering supplies such as our Chefís Larder Chocolate ĎSinísation or Brioche Pasquier Raspberry Tartlets- today is all about indulgence.

A good wine list is really important. Weíve got some fantastic offers on Vivente Pinot Grigio and Rosť, Marques de Sardana Cava, Prosecco Spumante Extra Dry and Lanson Black Label Champagne. Highlight a few options that you think will appeal to your customer base, and offer them as part of your menu.

Emergency Pressies!

Of course no good son or daughter would ever forget Motherís Day, but sometimes the purchase of gifts can be a little spontaneous!

If you run a local store, make sure you advertise your Motherís Day gifts outside and throughout your store, and create an attention grabbing display of chocolates, cards and flowers. Donít miss our brilliant prices on Lindt Lindor, Thortons Premium and Fererro Rocher, offering between 23.6 and 40.1% POR. Find these in branch or on our website today!

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