Money In The Bank This Bank Holiday

By Jane Day    Date released:  30th July 2014
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For many caterers the weekend is where you make the most money, so here are some tips to help you take advantage of the 3 day weekend this Scottish Bank Holiday.

Make sure your customers know You Are Open

Most potential customers are not going to bother travelling to your pub or restaurant if they're not 100% sure that you're open. So make sure you get the word out, in your premises, on boards outside, using social media, and word of mouth.

Keep an eye on the sky

With a mixture of sun and rain forecast around Scotland this weekend, you need to prepare for any eventuality, don't let the weather stop your cash register filling !

Cater for holiday makers

The Bank Holiday is perfect for domestic holidays and weekend breaks, especially with the finale of the Commonwealth Games, so make sure any potential visitors know who you are, where you are and what you have to offer them.

Keep an eye on morale

Remember that most people don't enjoy working on Bank Holidays, so prevent low morale within your team by offering rewards and incentives for doing a good job. Happy staff means happier customers!

Utilise Social Media

With an extra day off work, most people aren't too far away from their Facebook or Twitter accounts, so use this to promote any offers or deals, special menus or new products in your venue.

Stand out from the crowd

Why not make a theme or an event if there is something going on in your local area that you could link to. If not, then do your own thing, maybe a Beer or Cider event, or bring in some live music. Whatever you decide, make sure you take a trip down to Booker Wholesale to stock up in advance on all your catering supplies.

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