Look Before You Book Campaign

By Tom Allen    Date released:  7st November 2014
It's November, a busy time for caterers planning those Christmas bookings! In the rush, it's important to remember that nothing is more off putting to potential diners than eating in an area which isn't sparkling and clean.

The Food Standards Agency (FSA) have just rolled out their new campaign for the Christmas period 'Look Before You Book', urging customers to check business hygiene standard ratings before making a booking.

To help you come up smelling of roses, order your Clean Pro + manual today. The Clean Pro+ range gives you consistency of cleaning operations across your business, ensuring you keep up to date with relevant hygiene guidance, allowing a one-stop solution for chemicals, methods, records, safety information and staff training hints. In short, you can have Confidence in your cleaning achieving Compliance to local authority requirements using products of proven Capability.

So order yours online or in your local branch, along with all the wholesale cleaning products you need.

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