Lighter Options for Spring

By Jennifer Coles    Date released:  9th May 2014
As summer approaches, some of your customers are likely to have an unsettling notion in the back of their minds Ö. bikini season is not far away!

Many will be trying to be healthy, and even though that steak and chips is tempting, they donít want to ruin all their hard work on the treadmill.

In many ways, this is a brilliant business opportunity. If your business can offer some lighter options, or even provide a calorie count on the menu, it could be a great reason for customers to choose you.

Healthy food can co-exist with heartier fare, as shown by the success of the Legera range at Pizza Express.


For ideas, take a look at our All About Food brochure, available from your Catering Development Manager. The catering supplies used for these meals are all available at Booker.

Great low calorie options include Vegetable Tagine on a bed of Cous Cous (page 72), Spicy Salmon with Coriander, and Sticky Lemon Chicken Kebabs (page 50).

Meals such as Chicken Fajitas, Mushroom Risotto and Sweet and Sour Chicken can all be made relatively low calorie if less cream is used, and portions are kept smaller.

Salad Days

Fresh, juicy salads are really popular at this time of year, so check out our portions and costings guides for Chicken Tikka Salad, Caesar Salad, Prawn Salad and Greek Salad.

For many people, the aim is to make more sensible choices on a long term basis, so make sure you offer cunning little swaps, such as new potatoes or brown rice instead of chips, and a good range of vegetable side dishes.

You could also use POS to highlight lower calorie drinks, such as vodka with Britvic Low Calorie Tonic Water, Diet Coke or Diet lemonade.

And, as always, make sure you tell customer about these healthy options on your Facebook page so that all your customers know that there are great choices to suit them.

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