Let Them Eat Cake

By Jane Day    Date released:  21st August 2014
Saturday, 23rd August is 'National Victoria Sponge Day', giving everyone the opportunity to indulge in this very traditional sweet treat. In Britain alone, we buy on average an amazing 110 million cupcakes a year

Cakes are felt by many to be an affordable luxury - where people used to go out for a meal, some are now watching their spending, and meeting up with friends to indulge in a cake with their afternoon tea or coffee. With up to 92% profit on some of the cake suggestions in our All About Food book, and costs per servings as low as 23p on a yummy slice of Victoria Sponge Cake, they're a great way to bring money and people into your business.

To get you started, click here for instructions to make a simple Victoria Sponge Cake, which you can make using catering supplies found in Booker Wholesale branches.

Click here for all the ingredients

To see the rest of our cake suggestions and other great recipe ideas, ask about an All About Food Book in your local branch.

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