Ice Cream Dream

Date released:  26th July 2013
Ice Cream Scottish Bank Holiday

Highland Fling

August 5th is a bank holiday in Scotland, and there's absolutely loads going on over the weekend! For one thing it's the start of both the Edinburgh Fringe Festival and the Edinburgh Military Tattoo, which is expected to draw 200,000 spectators.

Outside the capital, there's the Highland Field Sports Fair in Inverness, the Tour de Forth bike race, the Aberlour Strathspey Highland Games and much more. If you've got a crowd to feed, speak to your local branch - they’ll be happy to advise you on the catering supplies you'll need.
In this scorching weather, nothing beats a delicious ice cream. Smooth and refreshing, they're just what your customers need to help them keep their cool. Whether you're running a local store or a restaurant, there’s lots you can do to invigorate ice cream sales.

We've got lots of winning options for the independent retailer, including our popular Classic Belgium chocolate ice cream bars, Classic ice cream tubs in vanilla, chocolate, strawberry and caramel, and Walls favourites from Solero and Twister.

Until August 13th, we're offering incredible savings on cases of Flake Cone and Ben & Jerry's tubs too - so pass this saving on to your customers and boost volume sales.

These days, home made ice cream is growing in popularity, both with the rise of gelato fridges in local stores, and as a gourmet dessert in restaurants.

If you make your own, you can get really creative with flavour. These unusual combinations are surprisingly good:

  • Cardamon ice cream topped with figs, dates and mango
  • Ice cream blended with amoretti biscuits and real vanilla
  • Dark chocolate ice cream with Grand Marnier sauce
  • Stem ginger and rhubarb
  • Sea salt and caramel
  • Strawberry and balsamic vinegar

  • Of course, part of the appeal of ice cream is its ability to evoke childhood memories. Who remembers the first time their scoop of ice-cream fell off the cone, and how distraught they felt?!

    Tap into this nostalgia by offering your customers a classic Coke float, vanilla ice cream with solid chocolate sauce, or a classic ice cream sundae with all the toppings. Check out our Season Long Ice Cream Specials here with prices on flakes, cones, wafers, chocolate sprinkles, flavoured syrups and ice cream mix all frozen (excuse the pun) until September 30th.

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