Have you prepared for Chip Week?

By Jennifer Coles    Date released:  20th February 2014

Who do you love more Daddy or chips?

This famous advert made the nation chuckle because, let's face it, it's a tough decision to make!

The idea of a chip is pretty simple ... a slice of fried potato- yet they come in so many glorious varieties.

A portion of chip shop chips includes the hot, chunky ones, the ones soaked in vinegar, and the little crispy bits. And where would we be without flavoursome curly fries, fine cut French fries, or even the amazing gastropub chip, dusted in seasoned flour and triple cooked, perfect for dunking into rich ketchup.

Chip Week

This week is Chip Week, and we think it's a great opportunity to honour a foodstuff that makes life worth living. At Booker Wholesale, we've got loads of ready made options that will delight the tastebuds, along with a great range of potatoes if you're looking to make your own.

Frozen Chips

In each food category, Booker offers you the option of 'good, better or best'.

The stalwarts of the range are Chef's Essentials Straight Cut Chips. These guys cook up perfectly, and allow you to offer your customers a great deal.

We recognise that the type of chip you provide is all part of your unique offering, so in the 'better' category we have Chef's Larder Straight Cut Chips, Crinkle Cut Chips, Chunky Chips, Steak Cut Chips and Julienne potatoes.

Our 'best' options include McCain Signature Gastro Chips. McCain describe these as 'Our closest to homemade', 'A delicious golden brown, chunky and premium hand-cut style chip'. We certainly couldn't argue with that- they are utterly delicious.

Save Time and Energy

Nobody likes a cold chip, so if speed is of the essence in your kitchen, take a look at our Premium Pre-Fried Chilled Chips.

The essential catering supply to have in your storeroom, these chips cook in just 3-4 minutes, which means they absorb less oil. As they take less time to cook, they could also reduce your energy bill in the long run.

Perfect Potatoes

King Edward potatoes have long been known as the best potato for chips- ask any successful chippy. Our Farm Fresh King Edwards are great value, especially between now and February 28th, as they're on a multi-buy deal.

Another great option is Mitchell Best Quality Chipping Potatoes. These come in a 25kg sack, so make sure you bring some muscle when you shop!

Sweet Thing

Sweet potato fries have become really popular in recent years. They have a great flavour, especially with sea salt, and they're also higher in vitamins and fibre than standard potatoes. Even better, they are low 'GI', which means they give a more even release of energy in the body.

You can easily make your own using our Farm Fresh Sweet Potatoes. We also stock McCain's new range of Sweet Potato Fries.


If you want to celebrate Chip Week in your business, make sure you take a look at the Chip Week website (link to https://chips.lovepotatoes.co.uk ). Here, you'll find everything from a chip map of the UK, to tasty chip recipes, and a fiendishly difficult Chip Quiz. Enjoy!

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