Halloween Ideas For Publicans

By Jane Day    Date released:  22nd October 2014
More and more people in the UK are celebrating Halloween so, with 31st October falling on a Friday this year, publicans should make sure they're bringing people in on that eerie evening, with simple and inexpensive ideas to keep the tills ringing.

Keep It Simple

If you make the themes of the night too specific, you limit your target market. Keep it broad with lots of simple little ideas, optional costume competitions, pumpkin carving competition, apple bobbing and a Halloween themed playlist.

Drinks Promotions

Always the biggest decider for a night out is the range and price of popular drinks, so make sure you stock up on:

Beck's Beer 24 x 275ml only £13.99
Magners Irish Cider Original & Pear 568ml x 12 only £10.99
Chekov Triple Distilled Vodka 1.5 Litre only £17.29
and our award winning Scenic Ridge Pinot Grigio 75cl x 6 for only £19.99.

Frightening finger food

Why not prepare a little Halloween themed menu with quick and easy to prepare food, maybeChicken Wings of Hellfire or Rack of Mini ‘zombie’ Ribs.

Whatever you choose to do this Halloween, make sure you stock on all your catering supplies online and in branch.

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