Great PORs on Price Marked Packs!

By Jane Day    Date released:  11th July 2014
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Over recent years, as consumer tightens their belts, the amount of PMPs appearing on the shelves has increased dramatically, so that you would now struggle to find a product category that doesn't feature them.

The budget consumer is looking for value on everyday items, which is where PMPs play a key role - by offering big name brands at low standard prices. Research carried out by the research & consulting agency him! has shown that 53% of customers feel confident of value for money when buying price marked products, particularly in impulse categories, with 30% of customers more likely to buy on impulse if they see price marked products, and 40% more likely to buy a new product if its price marked.

At Booker Wholesale, we've got some great deals available, with special offers running until 15.7.14 on some popular McVities lines such as Digestives, the nobbly Hob Nobs, Jaffa Cakes, Fruit Shortcake, Rich Tea and Ginger Nuts all price marked at only £1.

So, independent retailers should visit their local branch or order online to stock up now, and take advantage of the increased POR on these lines! Click here


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