Get ready for the World Cup!

By Jennifer Coles    Date released:  27th May 2014
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You can almost hear the cheers, whistles and drums. The 2014 FIFA World Cup is being held in a country famed for its vibrant culture and dramatic landscape: Brazil !

Held in 12 different stadiums across the country, from the famous coastline of Rio de Janeiro to the wetlands of Cuiaba, the 2014 FIFA World Cup is set to become the stuff of legends.

The most accomplished players from around the world will test each other's teamwork, speed and agility while the world watches with baited breath.

Whether you run a convenience store, pub or club, we've got all the wholesale drink you need to keep your customers happy and your tills a-ringing.

Retailers will want to stock up on both flavours of promotional Lucozade (Brazilian Guava and 'The Brazilian' Mango and Mandarin), along with Limited Edition Peanut M&Mís (which feature Brazilian packaging and the chance to win a Brazilian party).

Publicans should look out for our Budweiser and Carslberg World Cup cans, along with our 'Kick Kit' which is available in England and Wales when you purchase a keg of Carlsberg. There's also colourful new WKD Brazilian Alcoholic Mix, billed as a 'party in a bottle'.

You'll find all these products and many more beers from around the world at your local Booker branch.

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