Freshers Week

By Jane Day    Date released:  16th September 2014
Over the next few weeks, new and returning students will be descending on universities to study - but they are also likely to pop out for a few drinks along the way too. Are you prepared for it?

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You could also create some events that will bring students into your pub or club.

Beer Pong

This American game is becoming increasingly popular in the UK particularly with students, It's low cost for you as all you need is a table, plastic cups and ping pong balls. Plus, with it requiring a pitcher of beer to play, it's a great way to encourage sales, you could offer deals on pitchers or maybe hold a tournament to encourage people to play.

Fancy Dress/ Theme Nights

Holding a night based around a theme is a fun way to get people interested, such as 70's, 80's or 90's events, with music playing from these decades. Other popular themes are toga parties, Hawaiian, Where's Wally, or anything fun which requires little cost and preparation for new students.

Long term links

Have a look at the local university's freshers schedule and see what's happening on different nights, and plan accordingly, perhaps building links with student unions for future plans? One idea might be to offer your pub as a venue for university musicians, as most universities band societies will be looking for places to perform.

Whatever you do to appeal to this influx of students, make sure you visit Booker Wholesale today to stock up on your food and drink needs.

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