FA Cup Final

By Jennifer Coles    Date released:  16th May 2014
 | Booker.co.uk
Cheers and groans are set to emanate from pubs across the land tomorrow, as The Gunners take on The Tigers in the FA Cup Final. The match will kick off at 5pm at Wembley, the perfect time for your customers to begin their evening out.

We’ve got some fantastic drink wholesale offers to help you make the most of the event, including a great saving on a keg of Carlsberg, and Prices Down on a wide range of bottled ales, ciders and spirits.

You might want to consider offering food at half time, or after the match, to encourage customers to stay on after the game. This could either be free of charge, or part of a compelling 'Meal and Pint' deal.

Look for things you can eat with one hand, such as burgers, hotdogs and veggie burgers, or serve small bowls of curry, naan bread and rice.

You'll find everything you need, including portions, costings and a shopping list, in our NEW All About Food booklet, available here: All About Food

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