Easy Peasy Cheese Boards

By Jennifer Coles    Date released:  20th December 2013

A great cheeseboard can be a complete saviour in the festive kitchen, and it can be a profitable dessert to serve. It requires no cooking, little preparation time, and many guests will order an extra glass of port or red wine as an accompaniment.

The Cheeses

The perfect cheeseboard has something for everyone, including strong and mild cheeses, classics like cheddar, and unusual blue cheeses or those laced with fruit.

At Wholesale, we stock more than 150 types of cheese, and we've frozen the prices of some of the most popular products until December 31st.

Great mild, creamy options include Le Rustique Camembert and Chef's Larder Scottish Mild Coloured Cheddar.

For something a bit punchier, try our Chef's Larder Premium Extra Mature Taw Valley Cheddar. This complex, well-balanced cheddar is matured for 13 months, and won a gold award at the International Cheese Awards 2011!

Every cheeseboard should include a good blue cheese, and you can't go wrong with Chef's Larder Blue Stilton. This gem from the award winning Tuxford & Tebbutt creamery has rich, complex flavours.

Sweet cheeses such as Wensleydale with Cranberry have become really popular over the past decade, so make sure you tick this box, whilst Shirevale White Stilton with Apricot is an excellent, unexpected option.

The Accompaniments

Classics such as cream crackers, table water biscuits and a sweet digestive biscuit always go down well. For variety, you could include Ryvita seeded flatbreads, Krackawheat rye crackers or crusty bread. And be sure to throw in some Chef's Larder Part-Baked Half Baguettes when you're stocking up on catering supplies.

For a sweet, tangy kick, you can't beat chutney. Our Chef's Larder Premier Chutney is available in Apple & Real Ale, Country Tomato and Caramelised Red Onion varieties.

Grapes are a popular cheeseboard fruit, but you could also try chunks of apple or pear, or figs and honey.

Quantities and presentation

We'd recommend allowing 15 to 25g of each cheese per person, and serving 4-6 cheeses.

The board itself can be slate, ceramic or made from woods such as acacia, olive or ash.

Ensure you take cheese out of the fridge a little while before you serve it- give hard cheeses an hour, soft cheeses 30 minutes. This will help the flavours come to life.

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