Dry January

By Tom Allen    Date released:  6th January 2015
As we step into the New Year how many of us made new years resolutions? How many of them involve being healthier, joining a gym, eating better or drinking less? Publicans, how many of your customers do you think have done the same?

Cutting down or quitting drinking is always a popular resolution to undertake, and with the governments "Dry January" campaign under way more will join the abstinence. But this doesn't have to be the end for those customers; you just need to give them another reason to come to the pub.

  • The New Year could be a great opportunity, to try hosting new activities and themed nights, pub quiz, karaoke, pool and darts tournaments.
  • Promote healthy dishes and salads on your menus.
  • Advertise some soft drink or alcohol free deals like Becks Blue.

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