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By Jennifer Coles    Date released:  3rd June 2014
Father and Son looking out over the sea |
Whether they're changing nappies in the dead of night, teaching youngsters to ride a bike, or giving grumpy teenagers a lift home from the party, many Dads deserve a medal.

What's more, many of them are doing much more hands-on childcare than previous generations. Research by the Fatherhood Institute shows that on average, British fathers' care of young children rose 800% between 1975 and 1997, from 15 minutes to two hours on the average working day, despite the fact that office hours also increased over this period.

Father's Day is held on Sunday June 15th this year, and it's a great opportunity to encourage families to come out for a meal. It's important to note that England are playing Italy in the World Cup on Father's Day, which may or may not be something the whole family want to watch!

Our advice for Father's Day is common sense- plan your menu, decide on the deal you're going to offer, and start advertising early, using indoor and outdoor POS and the magic of social media.

At Booker, we've got lots of wholesale food offers to help you plan your menu. Great dishes to offer include Sirloin Steak (of course!), Piri Piri Chicken, Belly of Pork with Caramelised Apples or Homemade Steak Pie. Quorn Cottage Pie or Aubergine Steak are suitably manly veggie options.

You can find recipes, portions and costings for all these dishes in our All About Food book, available to view here.


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