Cooper's Hill Cheese Rolling

By Jennifer Coles    Date released:  23rd May 2014
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The Cooper's Hill Cheese Rolling Contest is perhaps one of the most gloriously eccentric events that happens within the British Isles.

Every year, usually on the late May Bank Holiday weekend, a 9lb round of Double Gloucester Cheese is released at the top of Cooper’s Hill, near Brockworth on the edge of the Cotswolds.

Entrants then race down the hill, chasing the cheese. In theory, they are aiming to catch up with it, but it has a one second head start, and reaches speeds of up to 70mph. The winner is the first to cross the finish line !

Due to the uneven nature of the hill, there are quite often injuries, so the St John Ambulance crew are also kept rather busy …

Pubs and restaurants in the area will be busy over the weekend, some even dispensing 'Dutch Courage' to entrants. But even if you live in the Outer Hebrides, you can still make an event of it.

Why not celebrate the event by putting together a fantastic cheese board to serve in your pub or restaurant? The cheese at Booker regularly wins food wholesale awards, and we have some especially lovely cheeses from around the UK.

An idea would be to select four or five of the following cheeses and serving around 20g of each.

  • Chef's Larder Premium Taw Valley Mature Cheddar
  • Chef's Larder Premium Llandyrnog Mature Cheddar
  • Chef's Larder Blue Stilton
  • Chef's Larder Shropshire Blue
  • Shirevale Wensleydale with Cranberries
  • Cornish Country Larder Brie
  • Cornish Camembert
  • Chef's Larder Cheshire Cheese
  • Chef's Larder Double Gloucester

  • These beautiful cheeses are sure to impress your customers, especially when paired with a nice red wine.

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