Come on England!

By Jane Day    Date released:  9th June 2014
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Without question, the biggest football event of the year is a great opportunity to bring customers into pubs in Britain, so publicans need to make the most of the opportunity that this presents, as fans arrive to watch the matches.

The tournament kicks off with the home nation, Brazil, playing Croatia on Friday 12th June, the first of 64 matches which will be shown on standard TV channels, with all roads leading to the final on 13th July.

Many of the matches kick off at 5pm and 8pm UK time, which is ideal for publicans to draw people in for the entire evening through food, drink and a great atmosphere.

Beer is expected to be the biggest winner, with Kantar Worldpanel data showing that sales were up by over 13% during the tournament period in 2010 and, whilst only England has qualified for the tournament, in 2010, double digit sales growth was also recorded in Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland.

Publicans should take advantage on wholesale drink offers at Booker on Carlsberg 11 gallon keg, and price reductions on Peroni, Sol and Desperados 330ml.

Quick food will be the order of the day for many who want to eat either standing up, or sitting on the edge of their seats whilst watching the games. Publicans should stock up on Paragon Excellence Gourmet Burgers, or Chef's Larder Texan Burgers. Team this up with Chef's Larder Floured & Sliced Baps or Seeded Burger Buns, Kerrymaid Burger Slices, and Chef's Larder Chips, and you'll be on to a winner !

Remember that the atmosphere will be important to draw visitors to your pub. Make sure that your TV screens are easily visible to the whole pub where possible, and if you're planning to add a twist of the Brazilian theme to the venue, then your team should practice any new recipes in the kitchen, and be able to mix the perfect Caipirhina behind the bar beforehand.

Make sure you publicise everything that you are doing to support the tournament, both in the venue, and on blackboards outside, and always making use of social media through Facebook and Twitter.

And then it will just be for fans to shout 'Come on England' as the knock-out matches take place, and the team try to secure a place into the next round :-

England play Italy, Saturday 14th June, 11pm
England play Uruguay, Thursday 19th June, 8pm
England play Costa Rica, Tuesday 24th June, 5pm

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