Cold & Flu Remedies

By Jennifer Coles    Date released:  10th January 2014

Colds - who needs them, eh ! They make you feel all bunged up and achy, and make everyday life a real drag.

They also cost businesses millions in lost labour, and make it really hard to juggle obligations such as childcare and domestic chores.

So when a customer staggers into your shop, swathed in scarves and hats, desperately looking for cold remedies, make sure you're ready to help.


Highlight your range of seasonal medicines so that they are easy to find. Stock a wide range of products so the customer can find their usual brand, or they may go elsewhere.

Booker are currently offering discounts on a whole range of painkillers, cough medicines, hot drink powders, decongestants, throat sweets and tissues. This means that independent retailers can make a great POR on these high-demand seasonal products.


If you run an independent store, you have two advantages over the multiples; you are often closer to home, which is really important when someone is feeling under the weather, and you are free to get really creative with merchandising.

One great idea is to lay a tea tray with a teapot, cup and saucer, filled with Lemsip and Beechams sachets. Add a bottle of cough syrup and some premium tissues, and make a sign that says 'Got Flu? Got Remedies!'

The new 'Manflu' shot drink contains lots of natural ingredients which may boost immunity. It's also a great novelty gift, so why not site it near the till?

Collect related products together - anyone with a cold will want to prevent future colds, so cross market cold remedies with hand sanitizer and multi vitamins.


Ensure all your staff are educated on the different products you stock, as customers may need a little help choosing between all the products on the market. They could warn customers not to take lots of products containing paracetamol together, so they don't exceed the stated dose. When a child has a cold it's very distressing for parents too, so point out handy solutions, such as handy Calpol sachets - no more measuring spoons!

They could also educate customers on different uses of Vicks Vaporub. For example, customers may like to rub it over chest and back before taking a hot steamy shower to increase its benefits.

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