Cold Remedies Not To Be Sniffed At

Date released:  22nd October 2013

"Achoo!" can be an all-too-familiar sound as winter draws near.

For businesses, seasonal bugs can be expensive : the average UK employee takes over 13 days off sick each year, costing businesses more than 34 million.

Yet the cold and flu season is also a business opportunity for the independent retailer : the average Brit spends 17.54 annually on cold and flu remedies.

Provide remedies for your customers

Make sure you stock up on popular cough and cold remedies, such as Lemsip, Tixylix and Vicks. Right now, we're offering fantastic discounts on Beechams tablets and powders, Halls Soothers and Fisherman's Friend lozenges, plus there are great PORs across the Galpharm medicine range.

It's worth advertising these products using eye-catching POS, so you are front-of-mind when customers make distress purchases. Little bottles of hand sanitizer, such as Carex Hand Gel Sensitive, packets of tissues and vitamins are also useful, so site these near the till if you can.

A local service

When your customers are feeling Moby Dick, they're unlikely to fancy vying with the crowds at the local supermarket.

For the independent retailer, this is an opportunity. Make it easy for them to quickly locate the essentials : you could package up chicken, sauce, vegetables and rice, ready to be taken away as a meal kit, or offer a multi-buy deal on healthy fruit.

Soup is a popular meal when people are feeling under the weather, and we're currently offering savings of 25% on six classic Heinz soups.

Finally, consider offering delivery for ill customers, especially those who're living alone. This may not work for every store, but if you offer delivery within walking distance, above a set basket spend, you could see takings rise.

Protect your staff

Although it's impossible to completely eliminate the risk of getting a cough or cold, there is a lot that you can to do help your staff stay healthy.

Most cold germs are passed on when someone sneezes, wipes their nose, and touches a surface or object, which someone else then touches.

Encourage your staff to wash their hands frequently, and keep a large pot of hand sanitizer, such as Enliven Anti-Bacterial Original Hand Sanitizer, behind the till and in the store room.

You might want to show them this video. and encourage them to have a flu jab, now available at many pharmacies for as little as 5.

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