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By Tom Allen    Date released:  9th December 2014
The Coffee sector is set to be one of the largest growing in the next few years. Expected to reach £16.5 billion turnover in 2020 the sector is set to more than double its current standing at £7.2 billion. Non-specialists (pubs, restaurants, fast food, retail stores) exceed the branded sector with a growth of 14.5% and 19% increase in pubs now serving coffee. This increase has seen the market split shift with non-specialists now owning 37%, independents at 32% and Branded chains at 31%.

But why the surge in coffee customers?

Coffee is luxury purchase that consumers are becoming increasingly knowledgeable about, people know exactly what coffee they like, how they like it, even down to the origins of the beans! They are moving away from instant coffees both in the home and on the high street.

Make extra profit

You can make 1000's of pounds worth of extra profits each year!

20 cups per day £8,614
30 cups per day £12,921
50 cups per day £21,535
100 cups per day £43,070

Based on 7g grind of Lichfields Italian espresso beans 1kg sold at £1.49 per cup.

But to sell great coffee, you need to make great coffee and for that you'll need our Lichfield coffee range , currently cheaper by the case, you can save up to £13.69! So go to or visit your local branch for all your wholesale supplies.

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