Clean as a Whistle

Date released:  10th September 2013
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Now that the summer rush is over, it's a great time to have a good old clear out.

Wage war on dust, exterminate every molecule of grime and scrub those surfaces to a shine!

Carrying out a deep clean of your business is a lot like hard work, but the elbow grease is never wasted.

A common complaint on the Trip Advisor website is that some hotels and restaurants could do with a good dusting. However, those that show excellent standards of cleanliness get great ratings, revealing how important this is to customers.

To help you get your business clean as a whistle, we've got some seriously good deals on cleaning catering supplies as part of our new Autumn Locked Down Prices campaign.

If you’re faced with greasy equipment, check out our deals On Chef’s Larder Professional Deep Fat Fryer Cleaner, Cif Power Kitchen Cream and Deepio Original. With these star products your equipment will soon be as good as new.

When it comes to the floors, the Carefree range offers great ways to get a gleaming surface. It includes Mop & Shine, Floor Maintainer, Emulsion Floor Polish and Floor Polish Speed Stripper.

Over in the laundry room, you can stop the pennies disappearing along with the socks by taking advantage of our multibuy deals on Ariel and Surf, and our discounts on Persil and Lenor.

For really tough jobs, we recommend Chef's Larder Professional Heavy Duty Cleaner, with a saving of 15%. Many other Chef's Larder Professional products are discounted, alongside Domestos Bleach, Cif Oxy Gel and Dettol Anti-Bacterial Trigger Spray.

Did you know that any catering customer can get a FREE customised cleaning plan from their Catering Development Manager?

Cleaning may not be everyone’s bag, but if it makes you feel better, a cleaning session is also a great workout. Per hour, vacuuming or mopping burns 170 calories, washing windows burns 136 calories, and even ironing burns 88 calories!

So get down to Booker, pull on your Marigolds, and create an environment that even Friends' Monica Geller would be proud of.

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