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By Jane Day    Date released:  19th September 2014
Chinese food is a national favourite here in Britain: whether it's going out to a restaurant for a meal, or a takeaway on Friday night in front of the TV, there is almost no occasion that cannot be improved by ordering 'set menu B', or similar.

At Booker Wholesale, we cater for thousands of Chinese restaurants and takeaways up and down the country offering quality ingredients at competitive prices.

If you're a publican who serves food, why not consider adding a Chinese night to your menu? We have loads of great suggestions in our free All About Food book to help get you started. Menu ideas like Hoisin Ribs with Sticky Rice or Teriyaki Beef Noodles are shown with profit and costing guidelines, plus there are also suggested beers, wines and soft drinks to compliment your menu, and even a menu printing service so that you can use our template to show your offers.

To help you further, we've picked out some great catering food offers on top quality products, such as :-

Tsingtao Vegetable Spring Rolls - now only £2.25
Pearl Delights 31/40 Deveined King Prawns 900g - now just £9.89
Tonnies Pork Spare Ribs 10kg - just £21.99
We also have great prices on some core Chef's Essential veg lines, such as Cooking Onions 20kg at £4.99, Carrots 15kg at £5.99, and a box of 14 Cucumbers for only £4.99.

These are just a sample of offers to help you serve the best food and keep your customers coming back for more. Just follow this link, or visit your local Booker branch to stock up today.

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