Chinese New Year

By Jennifer Coles    Date released:  14th January 2014

The Year of the Horse is almost upon us, with the Chinese New Year beginning on January 31st.

Large scale celebrations are becoming more common in the UK, with fantastic displays of fireworks, martial arts and dancing dragons being held in most major cities. There's a useful list of events here.

If you run a bar or pub near one of these events, why not get involved? You don't have to offer a full menu, but could run a deal on Tsingtao and Tiger Beer, currently on offer at Booker, and serve snacks from our Oriental Platter, great value at £5.49 for 60 pieces.

Chinese decorations are really eye-catching, and can set your venue apart. Attach brightly coloured Chinese lanterns to the ceiling for a stylish effect.

If you run a Chinese restaurant, advertise your Chinese New Year deals to give people the idea of coming out for a meal on the 31st, and see if you can get your event listed in local newspapers, magazines and websites.

And don't forget to make the most of social media ! Find a bright, vivid images of Chinese dancers in costume or Chinese dragons. Post this on Facebook along with a message like 'Why not visit our restaurant for Chinese New Year? Share this post to be entered into a draw to win a free meal!' Asking people to 'Share to Win' is a good idea, because people will share the image on their page, which may then be seen by friends in the local area.

Booker Wholesale is proud to serve more than 9,000 UK Chinese restaurants. From Pork Ribs to Roasted Duck, whatever you're planning for Chinese New Year, we have the wholesale supplies you need. If you're planning a large Chinese New Year celebration, chat to the catering development manager at your local Booker branch to find out how we can support you.

Finally, we'd love to see any photos of your celebration. Simply share them with Booker Wholesale on Facebook, or tweet @BookerWholesale.

Happy New Year!

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