Cheap as Chips!

By Jennifer Coles    Date released:  21st March 2014
Chippie Chips! |
Where would be without chips? What would we serve with beer battered cod or juicy sirloin steak? What would we dip in ketchup and pinch off our partner's plate?

Although nothing more than a fried strip of potato, the humble chip, crispy on the outside, fluffy and steaming hot inside, is a much-loved treat.

Chips are actually one of our most popular food wholesale products. Combined, Booker and Makro sell over 1.6m cases of chips each year.

This equates to 22,000 tonnes of chip, or 115,500,000 portions, so our amazing discount on Chef's Larder Chips should be welcome news for many businesses.

Chef's Larder Chips now cost just £1.39 for a 2.27kg a bag when you buy six. Not only that, but we are holding the price until the end of the summer! The offer applies to Chef's Larder Chunky Chips, Crinkle Cut Chips, Straight Cut Chips, Julienne Potatoes and Steak cut Chips.

Made with Grade A potatoes and oil, they're completely free from additives or preservatives, and make the perfect accompaniment to a whole range of meals. We're confident our prices are amongst the lowest you'll find, so have a look at the offer today, and work out how much you could save!

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