Celebrate St Andrews Day

By Tom Allen    Date released:  21st November 2014
With St Andrews Day a week on Sunday (30th November), why not celebrate with one of Scotland’s most famous and loved exports. Whisky.

Maybe put on a whisky tasting evening, or just some special offers on a range of our popular tastes? Here are some suggestions to get you started.

The Famous Grouse has been the No. 1 whisky in Scotland since 1980, and is a popular choice behind every bar, especially now 1.5 litre bottles are just £23.99 at Booker Wholesale.

Glenfiddich 12yo is one of the world's best-selling Malts. Light and easy-drinking, the famous green triangular bottle is loved by millions and is now just £19.99 for 70cl.

Medium-bodied with a delicate sweet palate and a hint of brine on the finish, Isle of Jura 10yo is a very easy-drinking Malt, and at £17.99 for 70cl, it's also very easy on the wallet.

The 10 year old Glenmorangie is Medium-bodied and gently warming, with pleasant spicy notes. Now just £23.99 for 70cl. Our final suggestion at £21.99 for 70cl, is Highland Park. With a delicious ‘heather-honey’ sweetness, and a warming, silky mouthfeel, this whisky is definitely not out of place at any whisky night.

For our full range of Whisky, click here or visit your local branch for all your wholesale drink supplies.

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