Catering Best Sellers

By Jennifer Coles    Date released:  3rd January 2014

Any good restaurateur will know that the success of your business depends on how well you price the items on your menu.

When you consider that juicy fillet steak, the cover price must include the steak itself, the vegetables, sauces and potatoes that accompany it, staff costs, energy and rent, insurance and maintenance, marketing costs and accountancy fees, and so much more.

Your prices have also got to be competitive, and appeal to your customers, whether they're looking for value or luxury.

So creating a restaurant menu can be something of an art form. The last thing you need is to finalise your menu, then discover the price of one of your key ingredients has soared.

That's where our new Catering Best Sellers package comes in. We've picked out our 73 best selling catering lines, and frozen the prices until February 18th.

The package includes meat, poultry and fish, dairy, tinned goods and frozen food, alongside handy catering supplies such as sturdy plastic cutlery, cleaning products and paperware. There's also fresh vegetables and salad, sauces, bread and hot drinks.

Niall Brannigan, Catering Sales Controller for Booker, said: "January can be a tough time for restaurants, so we're providing consistent low prices to allow them to plan their menu with confidence."

To view our Catering Best Sellers list, click here.

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