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Date released:  1st November 2013

As an independent retailer, you'll know that the range of sweets you stock can be crucial to your success. You need to have a great selection ready for school kids, motorists and sweet-toothed adults alike.

Our range of Happy Shopper bagged sweets, launched last year, are incredibly popular. To build on this success, we're adding six new lines to the range.

The fun 'Build-a-Burger' sweets and the cute 'Teeth and Lips' will appeal to children, while the Mini Fruity Pencils and Jelly Beans are sure to be a hit with everyone! The Marshmallows are really versatile; customers can toast them over the campfire or use them to create Rocky Road.

The new sweets are packaged in brightly coloured hanging bags, offering a winning combination of quality, flavour and affordability. They're good for your bottom line, too, with a POR of 32.4% when sold at 59p.

The new range will appear in your local branch in 2-3 weeks.

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