Burns Night

By Jennifer Coles    Date released:  8th January 2014

Scotland has a fantastic culinary history, with so much more to offer than the notorious deep fried Mars Bar!

Burns Night, which falls on the 25th January, is a great chance to celebrate Scottish food and create a sense of occasion for your customers - and not just in Scotland : all over the UK diners want to experience this unique menu.

This year, the 25th January falls on a Saturday; so it is an ideal opportunity to put on a Burns' Night event, or to add the Burns' Night Supper to your Saturday night menu.

The traditional Burns Night supper begins with cock-a-leekie soup, a nourishing broth made with barley, chicken and leek.

The main course features Haggis, Neeps and Tatties. For the initiated this might not sound like fine cuisine, but lovingly prepared, it is absolutely delicious. Our Macsween Haggis is made with the finest lamb, beef, onion and oatmeal, along with a special blend of spices (the key to a good haggis). We also sell a tasty vegetarian haggis, made with oats, lentils, mushrooms, seeds and spices.

It's important to simmer the haggis gently in boiling water, so avoid a split casing, or 'murdert haggis'. Pair it with fresh mashed Swede and creamed Maris Piper potatoes and you've got a tasty, comforting dish, perfect for chilly January. Don't forget a dramatic rendition of Robbie Burns 'Address to a Haggis'!

To help you throw a profitable Burns Night Supper, we've produced a helpful costings sheet, showing how much cash profit you can make on each portion. You'll find this and loads more advice under the 'Winter Season' tab on Booker.co.uk.

We'd suggest Scottish Smoked Salmon as a starter, and a gorgeous individual raspberry tartlette for desert. You can find all these catering supplies at your local Booker.

After dinner, why not offer a selection of whiskies for your customers to try? The Glenlivet works out at just 68p per 25ml measure, and whiskies such as Aberlour, Sheildaig and Talisker have a distinctive flavour, so they're ideal for a tasting event. For something different, try Glayva Liqueur, a fusion of tangerines, almonds and honey, crafted and bottled in Scotland.

Whether you're based in England, Scotland or Wales, Burns Night is a great opportunity to bring the community together during an often dreary month.

So plan your menu, advertise it using posters, emails, social media and word-of-mouth, and welcome customers old and new.

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