British Sandwich Week Ideas

By Jennifer Coles    Date released:  06th May 2014
Feeling peckish? Could we interest you in a creamy egg mayonnaise sandwich, with peppery cress and fresh white bread? Or delicate smoked salmon and cream cheese on crusty granary?

If you're looking for something more substantial, could we tempt you with a roast chicken, mozzarella, sun dried tomato and pesto ciabatta? Or a crusty French baguette with rare beef, baby spinach, Dijon mayonnaise and juicy tomato slices?

The classic British sandwich is a wonderful invention, with endless delicious combinations to try.

And British Sandwich Week 2014, which takes place from 11-17 May, is a great opportunity to celebrate and sample some of the best sandwiches around.

The promotional week offers cafés, pubs, restaurants and caterers a fantastic marketing opportunity.

Make the Most of British Sandwich Week

First of all you need to think about how you're going to use British Sandwich Week to promote your product, and the message you want to reach people. You could simply say 'It's British Sandwich Week, check out our delicious sarnies'. Alternatively, you could try one of these ideas:

  • Get your customers to tell you their perfect sandwich, and if you pick it, they will win a free sandwich for lunch every day during British Sandwich Week.
  • A different sandwich special every day throughout the week.
  • Reintroduce nostalgic favourites such as the Fish Finger Sandwich.
  • Suggest drinks that pair with sandwiches, e.g. a steak sandwich with a nice red wine.

  • Advertise this message on Twitter and Facebook, on your website, and on POS throughout your venue (and, even more importantly, outside your venue).

    Get Experimenting

    If you'd like to add a new sandwich to your menu, but you're stuck for ideas, have a click around on the British Sandwich Week website. The reports from the British Sandwich Designer of the Year heats provide some brilliant ideas, take a look here.

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